Rabu, 5 Oktober 2011



Sajak ini ilham ketika mula-mula masuk UPNM pada tahun 2009. Bagi menggambarkan apa yang aku rasakan, dengan suasana ketika itu. Perubahan drastik seorang awam, kepada mahasiswa universiti yang bergelar pegawai kadet. Mungkin pembaca majoriti tak faham maksud di sebalik patah sajak ni, tapi yang mengalami, pastinya setiap baik akan menggamit seribu memori.

It was chilling time
with wide smile
on the faces of them.

One huge bag of hope
white shirt of excitement,
with a spirit's black pant,
and a tie of origin.
Our father took us to the row.
with their parade on us,
their son, an army-officer-to-be.

BPK, you must remember this.
When you answer any question,
only - yes sir! No Sir!
I don't understand sir. I don't have any reason sir!

Give me your phone,
i'll give you 6 weeks later.
Oh man, what gonna happen to us?
and now, i'm really don't understand, sir!

Upon hand over ceremony,
a kiss from my mom.
"Be tough dear, study hard and never give up"
an advice to bear in our minds, always.

BPK run!
no walk here.be in 5 row.
Do you understand? yes sir!
what a smile on your face? we forbide smile here.
Fuck your smile man!
Oh, no. i'm sorry sir, i never understand.

100 stairs to go down,
this suffer will never end.
Be in your company.
" skuad. Skuad sedia!.
Pusing kanan, pusing kiri.
Pusing belakang. Pandang depan."
Push up position down!
one, two, three, four.......

When i was,
a young cadet,
my senior, took me into the valley,
to join the green parade.

He said, boy when.
You grow up,
could you be,
the savior of the broken,
the glow in the dark.

Aku tak jumpa ending yang sesuai, ape pun kata-kata ini membawa maksud mendalam buat diri aku.sekian.