Ahad, 5 Jun 2011

cerita faris petra

Satu hikayat pabila terciptanya cerita. ini cerita sekolah lama di tingkatan lima. ditulis dalam bahasa inggeris.

I’ve once became a DELTARIAN when I’m in form 5.. there’s so many sweet and sour things also there, in a group of ‘gifted’ friends there.Our KP, or also known as our Principal, Alias.. he’s a good hurdler, an emerging athlete. Also my athletic mate .We felt comfortable with him.. in spite of him stone head and happy go lucky attitude. His famous words is “ aku punya suka ar nak uatpe”,huhu.. Let him be.. with his assistant Shikin, a.k.a Mek Kin. She is the gurl sitting behind me.. She is soo patient, In handling us, or more specific handling me.. huhu. I wonder how many times I disturb her.

Ok, let’s talk about our class session. In the early of the year, we reaalyy ‘enjoy’ our Math class with madam Aminah. There’s a few her anak emas in our class.. including me I guess..( in opposite lar..) it was always an adrenaline rush for every single class of ours. I still remember the class when we got our title on that day. I got a sweet ‘stupid’ title on that day.. haha.. never mind, at least I got something as a lesson. It was about my overconfident when I take a risk, answering a basic earth as sphere wrongly. And at least, I only manage to got STUPID title, unlike marwan who got a ‘BENGONG’ title..haha..Together with me is Izzat, my desk mate . And also farahin.. don’t deny this k!! huhu.But at the end of the year, I changed ok!! I know why madam aminah seems like so angry with me.. everything I did, even a small mistake, will be punished.. it was once only me myself got right answer for a probability question. Maybe only after that she likes me!!And during a dinner, I fetch a glass of water to her..to win her heart for sure larh!!

Ok now let’s talk about our experiment.. the incident when we conduct our biology experiment still green in my mind. It was a urination experiment. Cikgu Ghazi ask us to drink an amount of water.. we take the biggest challenge. We drank 700ml of water..And I became the first person to finish my drink. But suddenly, mr ghazi ask us about the water which we drank. Surprisingly, I drank a bottle of DISTILLED water . huh, what a luck!!! According to our learning, a red blood cell will crenate and haemolyse..So, teorically my blood will go through the same thing right?? Fortunately,nothing bad happened.Another class was class with Ustaz Ibrahim a.k.a Pok Him. He is a graduate from al-Azhar and also the pak imam for our school. It was a good sleep when we sleep in his class, full of barakah with his tarannum ala crying person style, reciting furqan.Ustaz Him is a sporting ustaz and well known with his green Evo car..haha..We enjoy our nikah kahwin lesson, and also hajj with till the end of our lesson we still don’t understand about the ‘dam’, rukun haji n so on..

Next is our physical education class. It was a class where we have to wait once a week, quite a long wait.. but our patience will be paid have if we have a beautiful football at that time. Or maybe an amateur tennis tournament between cha federer against lanau roger.. some prefer to play badminton as our class have the greatest Malaysian badminton player, Roy ChOng Wei. And we will make a crowd at bilik Cikgu Ruziah,Weighing our weight and so on. The fat want to be thin, and the thinner want to be fat. This is the rule of our life. And merely all of us follow this habit..

And our class with Hj Din, always about patriotism in addmath maybe..Social illness among teenagers, gangsters, racism, and so far so on..Realize it or not, he taught us to be a true Malaysian, with full of patriotism..As he is the Senior assistant for our school, we always escape from any punishment when we being late for prep class, outing, and so on.. Let the student from other class jealous with us bcoz we have the greatest teacher in this school..And also our great new principal, Mr Kamaruddin Jaafar or well known as MR Kay Jay.. Ever wondered Arnold Schwezenajor in Malay version.. Yes he is!!!!When he wear his black leather coat, he is totally the same with James Bond,,He once teach us chemistry, but unfortunately..Even though he is a Cikgu pakar kimia, we don’t understand what he taught about.

Another superb teacher for us is mr feen.. With his white hair, he is still charming, haha..But we love the wy he taught by traditional way, in term of his analogy and his way thinking. Here is one of his story..“ There was a loving couple who really in love. In time of they fall in love, everything seemed like happy things and they always in one word, one heart and one soul in everything they do. One day, they went to a restaurant called restaurant Tebeng Samah.( tea o 50 cent) . the women looked at a roasted chicken and ask her boyfriend,“ My dear ,what is the hanging object over there??’. The boyfriend answered softly,“ It is a roasted chicken la my dear, R.O.A.S.T.E.D C.H.I.C.K.E.N..” The girlfren satisfied and said.” Ohh, I see.. “. 15 years later, they come again at the restaurant.And this time, remembering their reminiscent, the woman ask her husband the same question. But this time, she was really frustrated and surprised with the answer..Can u guess what is her husband answered?? The husband said..” Lorh, u are clever or stupid ha?? Hm, it is a roasted Buffalo la my dear!!! Don’t you see its torn???”The men left his wife with a shocked face..huhu.. what a story. And I don’t know the relation with our physic subject.Hm.. what a long story.. whatever it is, it will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life..